Consultants and Gurus

What do Consultants, Gurus, teachers, and seekers of truth have in common?

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Last year, I decided to take some time out of my consultancy and life in London to take a six-month sabbatical and retreated to a monastery in West Bengal surrounded by a simple life with the peace and tranquillity of rice paddy fields and in moment’s notice the illusion of peace is shattered by hooting rickshaws and the bellowing horns of overloaded trucks, bicycles and a thousand voices all speaking at the same time.  Only India displays such ambiguity so starkly.

Meditation and silence challenged me to take the sole association of my mind and forced me to confront myself. At times my mind was my best friend and other times, my worst enemy.

In battling with my internal challenges, I realised that to find real peace and joy, we must be serving others in one shape or form on the battlefield of life, not in seclusion and thus it brings about a sense of significance, contribution, variety and a purpose to our existence.

Whilst consultancy appears a glorified role or position of expertise, it is, in short, one of serving others for the highest benefit to pupils without any selfish motivation. I concluded that the commonality between a consultant, guru, a teacher is that we all

share our knowledge and understanding through common values and virtues, to enable others to grow and always being detached from any selfish motive to benefit for oneself and therefore speaking without fear or favour.

How have you found your calling in consultancy?

By Nandarane Naina Parmar



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